Accelerating the Specialty Prescription Process with RxLightning CEO, Julia Regan

In this episode, our guest, Julia Regan, co-founder and CEO of RxLightning, has over 15 years of experience delivering innovative healthcare solutions that disrupt the status quo and remove friction for patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. She has been at the forefront of some of the most transformational initiatives in the industry, including the development of real-time benefit check technologies and state-of-the-art tools that streamline medication onboarding. Julia has been recognized with numerous local, regional, and international awards, including being named a winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the East Central region. Since incorporating RxLightning, Julia has raised $20.5 million of capital from top-tier international healthcare investors including LRVHealth, McKesson Ventures, and Novartis Ventures.


RxLightning digitizes, automates, and streamlines the historically manual specialty medication

onboarding process. With RxLightning, providers can quickly and easily complete patient enrollment

for any specialty medication in any therapeutic area, helping reduce paperwork, streamline

communication, and accelerate speed-to-therapy. Through the company’s MedAccess Ecosystem,

patients, providers, specialty pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have insights into

each step of the patient onboarding journey. Learn more at

Interview topics 

  • Raising capital in one of the toughest environments in recent history
  • RxLightning’s mission, which is ‘For The One’ – and how we’re impacting patient speed-to-therapy
  • The key challenges in specialty medication enrollment (paper forms, faxes, phone calls, no visibility, etc) – and how technology is supporting end-users in improving medication access
  • The ways that pharmacies, providers, and pharma can work together to create a better medication access journey
  • Ways in which the medication process can be more patient-centric (from the provider’s office, to the payer/PBM interactions, to the pharmacy)

Guest – Julia Regan

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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