Appropriate Use of Fentanyl: A Pharmacist’s Role with Dr. Rebecca Van Vleck-DeMoss

Since 2018, Dr. Rebecca Van Vleck-DeMoss has been on a mission to educate healthcare professionals and patients regarding the appropriate use of transdermal fentanyl (TDF). Her mission began that year when my pharmacy detected 19 inappropriate TDF prescriptions, that if dispensed, most certainly would have ended in a patient’s death. One particular patient stands out in her mind which has given her this passion to spread this vital information. In response to these potentially life-threatening errors, Rebecca created an educational presentation that she’s given to the New Mexico Pharmacist Association, New Mexico Health Systems Pharmacy Association, wrote a blog for TL;DR Pharmacy Simplified, and became a faculty member and presented for the nation-wide continuing education provider

Guest: Rebecca Van Vleck-DeMoss, PharmD, BS
Link to article on TL;DR Pharmacy Simplified. What Every Pharmacist Should Know about Transdermal Fentanyl:

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