Behind the Scenes in Pharmacy Benefits with Joey Dizenhouse

In this episode, our guest isJoseph (Joey) Dizenhouse is Senior Vice President and Head of Pharmacy Services for HealthTrust Performance Group. He is responsible for the Pharmacy Services Group, which represents over $14 billion in annual pharmaceutical purchases across classes of trade and delivers innovative strategies across contracting, clinical, operational efficiency and supply management disciplines. The Pharmacy Services Groups also operates the largest sole sourced PBM collective in the country. Dizenhouse joined HealthTrust in 2016 after serving the organization as an outside consultant for more than a decade. Prior to HealthTrust, he spent 20 years working for a leading professional services advisory firm in a number of leadership roles and serving several Fortune 100 organizations and large health systems. Mr. Dizenhouse is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and is licensed in Life/Health

Insurance across all 50 states. He is a frequent speaker on subjects related to pharmacy insurance and benefits strategies, insurance exchanges as well as the general U.S. healthcare landscape.

Interview topics 

• What do HR buyers need to look for in a PBM contract?

• What types of questions do HR or Total Rewards VP’s need to ask their PBM broker about their current deal?

• How can I push my PBM to do more or offer bigger discounts?

• Can you explain how pharmacy rebates work?

• What’s the craziest pharmaceutical pricing story you can tell us?

• How does a good PBM program reduce costs to employers and employees?

• What innovations do you see coming in the Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefits


Guest – Joey Dizenhouse, Senior Vice President and Head of Pharmacy Services for HealthTrust Performance Group 

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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