Behind the Scenes of Rx to OTC with Fady Boctor of Petros Pharmaceuticals

In this episode, our guest is Fady Boctor is the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Petros Pharmaceuticals. He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, across a wide array of functions including brand and portfolio marketing, sales channel optimization, product portfolio strategy development and new product launches. Mr. Boctor has driven significant revenue growth for specialty biologics, mainstream Men’s Health product lines, rare/orphan disease therapeutics, and substance abuse rescue modalities. Mr. Boctor has worked for companies such as Novartis, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Endo Pharmaceuticals and Adapt Pharmaceuticals (Emergent Biosolutions). Mr. Boctor has his BA in International Relations from Hamline University, Masters in Diplomacy from Norwich University and his MBA from the University of Manchester Business School.

Talking points:

  • Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: PTPI) is a well-funded leader in the emerging prescription to over-the-counter (Rx-to-OTC) self-care market.
  • In conjunction with FDA guidelines, Petros has developed a structured pathway that leverages technology in an effort to bring mature prescription products OTC.
  • The Company is working towards approval of its lead product as the first prescription-grade ED medication to be available OTC. It has made significant progress on its path including:

o   Completing a pivotal label comprehension study (LCS). Using FDA guidance provided to the company in 2022, the LCS is expected to satisfy a critical step in the organization’s progress towards a possible non-prescription version of its therapeutic. Akin to a Phase 2a study in clinical development sequencing, this study’s purpose is to evaluate the nonprescription Drug Facts Label and consumer comprehension of key guidelines for safe and appropriate use.

o   Initiating a self-selection study using the Drug Facts Label (DFL) tested during its previously announced LCS.

o   Developing a technological component of its self-selection study utilizing machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI), which the Company plans to integrate into its self-selection studies for its erectile dysfunction drug.

  • Petros is a pure play leader in the emerging Rx-to-OTC self-care market. Consumers want to have greater control of their health and are looking for Rx-to-OTC therapeutics to meet their needs, without needing to see a doctor for a prescription.

Guest – Fady Boctor

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Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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