Bringing Transparency to the Point of Prescribing with Kyle Kiser of Arrive Health

In this episode, our guest, Kyle Kiser is the CEO of Arrive Health, an industry-leading provider of data-driven insights to points of care. As a thought leader in health technology and a diligent student of the complex healthcare value chain, he has been at the forefront of some of healthcare’s most transformational initiatives.

Fully aligned with Arrive Health’s aspirational vision, Kyle champions consumer choice. He capitalizes on the regulatory tailwinds that now mandate price transparency and interoperability in pharma to simplify the complexities within the healthcare landscape, and build collaborations between healthcare organizations, bringing patient cost and coverage data to the point of care. Motivated by an intense curiosity about the power of systems to transform entire ecosystems, Kyle knows how to leverage healthcare tools to drive behavior change across providers, payers, and patients. His focus on delivering accessible, affordable care as well as customer choice has impacted millions of patients’ lives.

Before joining Arrive Health, Kyle built robust pipelines, strategic partnerships, awareness, and exponential revenue growth for companies including Catapult Health, Welltok, Principal Wellness Company, and Ameritas. Kyle holds a Bachelor’s degree from Guilford College, where he currently sits on the Board of Trustees.

Main points to cover:

  • Trends in pharmacy complexity (and how that relates to affordability, access, and adherence)
  • The changing role of pharmacy and the individual pharmacist to be the patient navigator
  • Strategies and technology that can help pharmacy do more, while streamlining workflow and reducing administrative burden

Guest – Kyle Kiser

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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