Digital Thoughts Creator, Dr. Zain Syed

In this episode, our guest is Zain Syed, PharmD, an oncology pharmacist with 10 years of experience turned product manager. He’s a health systems expert who specializes in oncology and pain management and has worked in a variety of settings including Infusion, Clinic, Inpatient, Outpatient, and Investigational Drug Services. And, he has his own newsletter and podcast called Digital Thoughts: How to create better healthtech products. Join 1000+ founders, clinicians, and executives for free.

Main points to cover: 

Zain has seen the dark side of healthcare. The lack of access, financial struggles, and people falling through the cracks all leading to worse outcomes and increased costs to the system.

He is a tech nerd that tries to solve his problems using technology and optimizing workflows, and has seen how technology can help automate and give you back your time. 

  • Career journey/transition
  • What is a Product manager?
  • Tech in healthcare and how pharmacy can utilize it

Guest – Zain Syed

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA  

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