Embracing Digital Wellness with Dr. Rajinder Rai

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Rajinder Rai, (Ra-GIN-der RIE) PharmD, the founder and CEO of digital wellness company SunRais Health™. With over two decades of experience in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical education, Dr. Rai is disrupting this field in holistic and innovative ways. As an advocate for pharmacists, she is actively involved in the advancement of this industry, and currently serves as the president of the Ventura County Chapter of California Pharmacists Association as well as on the advisory board of PatchRx and GoodRx. Dr. Rai aims to guide disease prevention from a holistic approach in order to lead and teach others how to live a healthy, strong, and free life.

Main points:
1. Changing role of pharmacists and opportunities for them to pivot
2. Importance of aligning your vision in life with your purpose to have a fulfilling career and life.
3. Helping women get off “auto-pilot”

Guest: Dr. Rajinder Rai
www.thrivewithdrrai.com | IG: @thrivewithdrrai | www.sunraishealth.com | IG: @sunraishealth

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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