Healthcare Supply Chain and Planning for the COVID-19 Vaccine with Dr. Derek Imars

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Derek Imars who is is the Area Director, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain-Midwest with The Resource Group. In this role Derek assists The Resource Group Participants in achieving business transformation goals within the Pharmaceutical space. Over the past few years he has been integral in the strategic development of The Resource Group’s National Operations – Pharmaceutical Community and has led many initiatives including but not limited to deployment of inventory management standards, enhancement of pharmaceutical procurement, and improvements within internal medication delivery. As a pharmacist himself, Derek sees his role as a bridge between finance, supply chain, technology, and pharmacy working daily to enhance patient care. This past year has been no different with Derek’s efforts focused on mitigating COVID-19 and now COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

1. What is The Resource Group?
2. What is the National Operations – Pharmaceuticals Community?
3. What is your current role?
Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Explained
1. Why is the National Operations – Pharmaceutical Community unique?
2. Why is it necessary?
3. Why haven’t more supply chain solutions deliberately focused on this area of supply chain operations?
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
1. What are the obvious challenges (well known/published)?
2. What are the hidden challenges (on the ground/not well known)?
3. How do you (National Operations – Pharmaceuticals Community) combat some of these hidden challenges?
Impact on the Future
1. How has this vaccine (COVID) changed the industry?

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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