Helping Independent Pharmacies Survive & Thrive with Lisa Faast

In this episode, our Our guest, Dr. Lisa Faast is an innovator, experienced business executive, and leader in the independent pharmacy industry. With over 20 years of experience as a pharmacy owner, consultant, compounder, and businesswoman, she is able to bring a unique perspective to the industry’s problems. Her passion is helping independent pharmacy owners thrive by focusing on diversifying and then growing revenue streams. She is currently CEO at DiversifyRx, a consulting and education company, a multi-store pharmacy owner, in addition to being a wife and mom of 4.

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About DiversifyRx: Pharmacy owners have suffered enough from low profits, DIR fees, effective rate contracts, unfair audits, and much more. While it gets tougher as a pharmacy owner every year, there has never been more opportunity available than there is now. Every pharmacy owner should have a thriving, profitable pharmacy. DiversifyRx is on a mission to save every independent pharmacy. Our 6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profitability guides every pharmacy owner to find their own path to the pharmacy of their dreams.

– It has never been harder to succeed as a pharmacy owner than now
– There is also never been more opportunities for pharmacy owners
– You must diversify to succeed
– You must optimize to thrive
– Mastering the 6 Profit Pillars will help you create the pharmacy of your dreams.

Guest – Lisa Faast, PharmD (DiversifyRx)
She is on a mission to save independent pharmacies!!

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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