Hillary Blackburn as Guest on Titans of Industry – Part 2

In this episode, I’m the guest on the new podcast, Titans of Industry. We pick up with Part 2 of the conversation with host Nate Disarro.
Some of the topics covered include:
1. What was your path to choosing to become a pharmacist? First Job you had?
2. What are the different areas within health care that pharmacists can practice?
3. What did the industry look like when you entered into it and where is it now?
4. What challenges have you run into that turned into positive opportunities? or- what failure or apparent failure has set you up for success later in life?
5. Interesting/favorite stories in the business (inspirational or personal success stories)
6. Where is the state of the pharmacy industry right now amid the ever changing health care world?
7. Getting technical- talk a little about things outside the normal world of pharmacists (GPOs, telehealth, etc)
8. How do pharmacists and physicians compliment each other? what is the general relationship between the two?
9. What’s coming? What innovations do you see on the horizon?
10. How do you grow and sharpen your skill set top remain an innovator in your field? What skills do you have to develop that don’t come natural? What kind of people do you have to surround yourself with?
12. CBD- from a pharmacists perspective, talk about where its at in today’s healthcare blueprint. (we can go as deep or shallow as you would like here)
13. Talk about the team aspect to your job. How important is that to the success of the business/work?
14. What is something everyone should know about your industry that is often unknown to the general public? Or- what are bad recommendations you hear by professionals in your industry?
15. What’s next on your career list?
16. Who are some of your hero’s/titans/influencers?
17. Quick hits- best/latest book, daily routine, best piece of advice, what is a relatively new formed habit? if you wrote a book, what’s the title?, favorite artists/music, Favorite food?
18. Where can people follow you, hear more about what you’re doing, or ask questions