How the Pandemic Created Entrepreneurs: Leaving Retail Pharmacy with Dr. Jamie Wilkie

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Jamie Wilkey is a pharmacist who loves what she does and brings passion and happiness to the pharmacy profession.

Jamie grew up in a small town in Wyoming where she got her start in pharmacy working at the local City Drug. She attended the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy for her Doctor of Pharmacy. She was active in student government while at UW and also served as president and later as vice-president of her pharmacy class.

For 10 years post-graduation, Jamie worked in community pharmacy while having and raising her 4 little boys. Frustrated by the stress and schedule of that position created her own job for herself that better suits her talents, her passions, and her family’s busy schedule. She abruptly jumped out of retail and into the world of entrepreneurship and has found her true calling in life. She is the founder & CEO of Arches Health, LLC. She serves patients in her community as a consultant pharmacist focusing on pharmacogenomics. After getting her practice up and running began to empower other pharmacists to do the same. She teaches pharmacists in her online program & active network called PGx Consulting Confidence Academy to confidently champion PGx and create their own consulting practices that bring the flexibility, freedom, and satisfaction they are seeking from their careers. Just this year, she has taught over 160+ pharmacists how to change their careers. Dr. Wilkey is a member of CPIC as well as the nonprofit organization GTMR, and ASCP. She has been featured on over 15 podcasts in the past year, on Pharmacy Times, Kajabi, and was recently voted as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy.

Jamie is optimistic about the future of pharmacy and knows great things are in store for those pharmacists who are willing to push boundaries, to think big, and to use the full extent of their education.

Main points:
– Tell us about your leap from community pharmacy to entrepreneurship
The two-five main points I’d like to highlight:
-entrepreneurship within pharmacy
-create new leaders in our field
-the changing role of a pharmacist

Guest – Jamie Wilkie
Dr. Jamie Wilkey, PharmD, RPh
Founder, PGx Consulting Confidence Academy
CEO, Arches Health, LLC

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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