Humanizing the Healthcare Experience with Jennifer Krippner

In this episode, our guest Jennifer Krippner is a healthcare leader, passionate about relationships and obsessed with humanizing the experience for leaders, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and patients/families. 


She is the Chief Experience Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence and has helped transform over 70 organizations around the world since joining the IHE team in 2016.


As a former healthcare system executive, she has been able to create and build a culture of excellence, define and lead with connection and heart, and create efficiency and quality processes that improve the experience for all.

Jennifer is a recognized expert in the field of patient experience and human-centered care. She has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, patient experience, physician development, and employee/community engagement. Jennifer is most passionate about building and nurturing connections and relationships.
Prior to her lead role at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, Jennifer was the director of physician development and guest/public relations at Maple Grove Hospital in Minnesota. While there, she led staff-driven patient experience advisory teams and developed projects that directly contributed to consistent top-tier performance in key patient and staff satisfaction

Topics to discuss —

  • Share about IHE and how you support healthcare teams on their journey to peak performance?
  • Why am I passionate about this work? What excites me about traveling all over the country to work with healthcare teams to cultivate transformational experiences for teams?
  • How does human-centered, relationship-centered care support retention strategies -something every health system is facing from all roles within the care team?
  • The country double-downed on being nimble and changing processes and adding/shifting resources when we had a common enemy (COVID), and yet, we’ve had this common enemy (Burnout) for many years now….why haven’t we been able to see a dramatic shift from emotional exhaustion to emotional thriving?

Guest – Jennifer Krippner

Chief Experience Officer

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Project Leader

National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare


Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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