Launching Your Medical Writing Career with Alex Evans

Launching Your Medical Writing Career
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Our guest, Alex Evans is a pharmacist and medical writer currently living in Jacksonville, FL. He grew up in NC and went to pharmacy school at UNC. He’s addicted to the ocean, and during my time there he spent one month each over two summers in Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, as an intern at a dive shop, where he filled tanks, loaded the boats, and led dive and snorkel tours. Alex paid for the trips there by teaching marine biology for Duke TIP at their Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC, once I got back.

After graduating, Alex spent a year in South Carolina before moving to Hawaii, where he lived for five years, both on the Big Island and Maui. Dr. Evans got into medical writing in 2016, and grew it from a hobby that made a little ‘pocket change’ to producing enough income to move into a part-time role at Ascension. He is now working as a pharmacy project manager at Ascension three days/week and writing the other two days.

Guest – Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA
Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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