Leading Beyond Borders with Rosalie Audoin

In this episode, our guest Rosalie Audoin is CEO & Founder of FuturEdge Group. Rosalie Audoin is a trusted executive coach and senior leadership consultant, focusing on developing leaders within cross-cultural teams. She has spoken on many stages to help companies unlock their global team’s full potential. Rosalie also coaches on three executive leadership programmes at the London School of Economics and has worked with leaders at Gallagher, Sony, Santander, Harper Collins, and Unicef, amongst others. As the CEO of FuturEdge Group, Rosalie assembled an international team of highly skilled leadership development experts; together, they have helped countless companies achieve success, both domestically and across the globe. Rosalie gained her edge when she turned around a client’s train-wreck team in 12 weeks. As a fluent speaker of four languages, English, French, Spanish, and Creole, Rosalie brings a unique understanding and perspective to her work, through cultural intelligence, allowing her to enable powerful leadership transformations. Rosalie is known for her deep commitment to developing leaders across cultures and creating inclusive workplaces that prioritise closing the gender gap and developing conscious leaders for a better future.

Interview topics 

creating an inclusive workplace where teams can thrive, develop their leadership skills, and contribute their best work. 

  • Leading Beyond Borders: Navigating the Complexities of Leading Cross-Cultural Teams 
  • Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Understanding Why “Women in Leadership” Programs Don’t Work and How to Build More Effective Pathways to Success. 
  • The Women Leaders’ Odyssey: Insights and Lessons Learned from Coaching over 1,000 Women Trailblazers”. From Dysfunction to High-Performance: How We Turned Around a Train-Wreck Team in 12 Weeks 
  • Decoding Gen Z: Pioneering Strategies for Cultivating the Next Wave of Visionary Leaders

Guest – Rosalie Audoin, CEO & Founder of FuturEdge Group.

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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