Looking to the Future with Walgreens Executive, Rina Shah, PharmD

In this episode, our guest is Rina Shah, PharmD, who serves as Group Vice President, Pharmacy of the Future & Healthcare Segment Strategy at Walgreens. She began her career at Walgreens in 1998 in our stores where she held various pharmacy roles. In 2007, Rina joined the corporate support center where she held multiple leadership positions in which she was responsible for launching innovative healthcare initiatives across the organization, overseeing retail and local specialty pharmacies, and leading sales operations and client services within market access. In her current role, Rina leads a team that is responsible for pharmacy operations, services and specialty across 9,000+ Walgreens pharmacies. In addition, she presently serves as Chair of the “NACDS 2023” Advisory Group. Rina received her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2005.

Topics covered:
– Role of Pharmacy/Pharmacists Throughout the Pandemic
– Future of Pharmacy/Pharmacists
– Strengthening the pharmacist-patient relationship to lower costs
– Closing gaps in care in socially vulnerable areas
– Current policy limitations that could restrict patient access to pharmacy services
– Digital Tools Creating Efficiencies for Pharmacists/Pharmacies
– Current Policy Limitations that Could Restrict Patient Access to Pharmacy Services
– New Test and Treat bill giving pharmacists provider status

Guest – Rina Shah, PharmD, Group Vice President, Pharmacy Operations and Services
Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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