Made in ChinaRx with Author, Rosemary Gibson

In this episode, our guest is Rosemary Gibson, author of ChinaRx, senior advisor at the Hastings Center, and recipient of a 2019 Pinnacle Award for career achievement from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation.

We discuss:
– Why she wrote the book? Most Americans taking prescriptions or OTC meds have no idea where there medication came from or why that might be a concern.
– How did she research this topic? even pharmacy leaders are in here – Lucinda Maine of AACP
– Two major concerns in book: 1) risky for US to become dependent on any one country 2) lapses in safety standards and quality control
– We’re already starting to see more and more drug recalls – valsartan, ranitidine
– Concerns about the Coronavirus and the supply chain
– What are her hopes that the US will takeaway from your book? The US House has held Congressional hearings on the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Janet Woodcock, director of CDER, and others were key experts.

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Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD
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