Mastering Healthcare Innovation with Lisa Blue, MHI, BSN, RN

In this episode, our guest is Lisa Blue MHI, BSN, RN. Lisa is the Chief Clinical Innovation Officer with Providertech, which offers technology

solutions to address the complexity of scaling patient engagement while improving operational efficiencies. She is an enthusiastic population health leader who believes that doing healthcare differently, and better, is possible. She is a registered nurse with clinical experience from acute

care to FQHCs, giving her the ability to effectively translate and enhance healthcare workflows. She earned her Diploma of Nursing from St Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Grand Canyon University, and her Master of Healthcare

Innovation from Arizona State University, where she also was adjunct faculty from that program.

Interview topics 

  1. Motivation to step into this role/company
  2. Challenges and opportunities of patient engagement. How does SDOH further complicate patient engagement?
  3. Most promising things emerging in healthcare IT
  4. Opportunities in the healthcare system today

Guest -Lisa Blue MHI, BSN, RN




Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA  

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