My Functional Pharmacist with Dr. Candice Burtner

In this episode our guest is Candice Burtner, is a pharmacist who has always appreciated natural ways of living and healing. With a curiosity for the science behind medicinal therapies, she graduated from Belmont University with a Biology degree, then went on to complete pharmacy school at The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in Memphis. She started her natural therapy training as a mentee under Mark Binkley fresh out of school, and her most recent training has been with The Institute of Functional Medicine.
She is currently working at Riverside Village Pharmacy in Nashville as Compounding Director and running their Low Dose Naltrexone Program for patients who need extra care. She is also Co-Founder and Virtual Health Consultant at My Functional Pharmacist, a virtual health consulting company for women.
Candice has a passion for efficiency and simplicity in medicine. She loves guiding women through their health journeys in one-on-one settings to uncover their best next steps with clarity.
After working in a wide variety of pharmacy settings, Candice has always brought a functional mindset to her style of care. Ultimately, this passion is what led to the creation of My Functional Pharmacist.

Topics discussed include:
– What is functional medicine (FM)?
– Creation of My Functional Pharmacist
– What is the role of the pharmacist in FM
– A few easy tips for boosting immunity during this time

Guest – Candice Burtner, PharmD
Co-Founder, My Functional Pharmacist
@MyFunctionalPharmacist on Facebook and Instagram

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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