Providing Care through Remote Patient Monitoring with Dr. Thea Blythstone

In this episode, our guest, Dr. Thea M. Blystone is a visionary clinical consulting pharmacist dedicated to transforming the landscape of Pharmacy. With a strong belief in leaving a lasting legacy, she mentors aspiring pharmacists and spearheads initiatives that shift the focus from dispensing to clinical care. Through TM Pharmacy Consulting, LLC, Dr. Blystone empowers healthcare providers to achieve exceptional patient outcomes and embrace the future of healthcare. With a passion for advancing the practice of pharmacy, she is a catalyst for change, shaping a new era of clinical excellence within the pharmacy landscape around care management value-driven services all done remotely.


  • What is RPM? Setting up an RPM consulting practice? Why is this an area of opportunity for pharmacy?
  • Care Management Revenue for pharmacy owners? Being a pharmacy entrepreneur?
  • Background and how you got to where you are today? 
  • Leaving a lasting legacy?

Guest – Thea Blythstone, PharmD

LinkedIn: Dr. Thea M Blystone

Instagram: thearx


Youtube: RphAlly Live channel, Remote care services weekly lives, Thursday at 3:30pm EST streamed on Linkedin and Facebook.

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA  

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