Testing Drug Quality & Safety with Valisure CEO, David Light

In this episode, we chat with David Light, Founder & CEO, of the pharmacy and analytical lab company about drug safety and quality. High-level overview of Valisure:
— Valisure is the first ever pharmacy attached to a laboratory where every batch of medication is analyzed before being dispensed.
— Valisure’s mission is to help ensure the safety, quality, and transparency in the medications it delivers to consumers.
— All medications at Valisure come with a certificate of analysis, similar to nutritional information on food, and are sold at no additional cost.
— Valisure currently rejects over 10% of the batches we analyze for problems related to dosage, dissolution (how a pill dissolves), and the presence of carcinogens.
— Approximately 80% of medications in the U.S. are made from materials coming from India and China
— The $2 trillion global pharma supply chain is incredibly complex and medications can touch 10-20 hands before reaching the consumer.

Guest – David Light
Founder & CEO, Valisure

Selected media highlights:
New York Times: Zantac Products Should Not Be Sold or Used, F.D.A. Warns, Citing Cancer Danger
Bloomberg News: Carcinogen Found by Pharmacy in Popular U.S. Diabetes Drug
Washington Post Feature Story: A tiny pharmacy is identifying big problems with common drugs, including Zantac
Bloomberg Businessweek 9/16/19 Cover Story: Carcinogens Have Infiltrated the Generic Drug Supply in the U.S.
Reuters: Online pharmacy flags possible new impurity in blood pressure drug

Valisure and Govzilla Drug Quality Scores Collaboration: Press Release (Jan 8, 2020)

Rep. DeLauro Calls for Ranitidine Ban and Reintroduces Bill: Congressional Press Release (Valisure presented at joint press conference in US Capitol Building, Jan 10, 2020)
Sen. Warren, Cotton, Kaine and Romney Letter on Drug Safety and Reliance on China: Congressional Press Release (Valisure data directly discussed and cited in letter, Dec 9, 2019)

Reuters (3/19/20): Potential coronavirus treatment touted by Trump already in shortage, pharmacists say
WSJ (2/28/20): FDA Cites Shortage of One Drug, Exposing Supply-Line Worry
BioSpace (3/26/20): Some Drugs Being Rationed as Suppliers Continue to See Increased Orders
The Hill (3/27/20): Trump must cut our dependence on Chinese drugs — whatever it takes

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