The ABCs of BOPs and PBMs: A Comprehensive Guide for Pharmacies

In this episode, we have two guests:

Harini Bupathi

Harini’s practice focuses on counseling several different types of pharmacy providers on their relationships with PBMs and other similar payors. She advises clients in a wide range of PBM-related matters including network access, audits, termination, wrongful recoupment actions, and fraud, waste, and abuse investigations. Harini utilizes her knowledge and experience to counsel on strategies and best practices to avoid any adverse action from payors and PBMs. 

Lucas Morgan

Lucas is a skilled and assertive litigator in Frier Levitt’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Litigation groups, where he represents healthcare and life sciences professionals in a variety of complex matters. With a focus on advocating for the rights of pharmacies and other healthcare providers, Lucas handles various types of disputes involving PBMs and also regularly navigates BOP matters in various legal issues, advising and representing clients in BOP inspections, investigations, enforcement actions, and other related matters across many jurisdictions nationwide.

Interview topics 

  • Interplay Between BOPs and PBMs: Understand the dynamic relationship between BOPs and PBMs, and its impact on pharmacy operations.
  • Treating BOP Inspections with Due Regard: Learn why BOP inspections should be approached with the same rigor as PBM audits and not be treated as routine or narrow in scope.
  • Reporting Obligations: Grasp the importance of fulfilling reporting obligations to both PBMs and BOPs accurately and promptly.
  • Building Amicable Relationships: Explore effective strategies to cultivate professional working relationships with your BOPs and PBMs, including tips for successful communication, credentialing and consistent reporting

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Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA

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