The Scoop on Specialty Pharmacy with Brad Trom

In this episode, we have guest Brad Trom, DPh, MBA. Until late 2018, Brad was Vice President, Vanderbilt Health Rx Solutions and the Executive Director, Retail and Specialty Pharmacy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, providing overall leadership for the Department of Pharmacy outpatient pharmacy services. The Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy model is a nationally recognized health system leader, providing comprehensive care and management of patients requiring specialty medications.
Previously, Brad was the CEO of Lovelace Retail and Specialty Pharmacy, a division of Ardent Health Services in Nashville. He was named CEO of the Year at Ardent Health Services for innovating pharmacist-enhanced programs in medication reconciliation, pharmacist home visits, and Medication Therapy Management programs resulting in better patient outcomes.
Brad’s career as a Healthcare Operations executive in the retail pharmacy industry included leadership and management responsibilities for a multi-state, multi-billion dollar pharmacy organization with Albertsons/Sav-on Pharmacy/Osco Drug.
Brad currently serves as Vice Chair of and also is a member of the Dispensary of Hope Pharmacy Advisory Board. Past community involvement includes serving as a board member for the New Mexico Poison Control and Drug Information Center. He is also a past member of School of Pharmacy Advisory Boards at the University of Southern California, North Dakota State University, University of New Mexico, Western University of Health Sciences and the University of California, San Francisco.
Brad received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. He is currently a registered pharmacist in the state of Tennessee.
Brad will share about specialty drugs:
– Specialty pharmacy growth, (50% of Rx spend in 2020) why? What are Specialty drugs?
– Who pays for Specialty drugs? Why so expensive? Expense vs. patient accessibility.
– What does a Specialty pharmacy do, that a traditional pharmacy doesn’t do? What does it take to become a specialty pharmacy? What is happening in the Specialty pharmacy arena; recent developments (gross margin falling, largest independent specialty pharmacies getting acquired by the major specialty pharmacies, Why?)