The SnapBack Postpartum Fitness with Dr. Pinkey Patel

In this episode, we have as a guest, Pinkey Patel, PharmD, who is a clinical pharmacist and personal trainer that specializes in pre/postnatal corrective exercise. As the CEO/founder of @thesnapback_, she is passionate about bridging the gap in women’s maternal healthcare globally by making pregnancy and postpartum resources accessible, easy-to-understand and helpful in teaching women to advocate for their health in the form of an app, consultancy, and blog! The SnapBack aims to provide women with a safe community, simple resources and evidence-based methods to implement and restore a sense of self, both physically and mentally.

The average time between delivery and the first postpartum follow up visit is six weeks. After six weeks of sedentary living and physical-mental changes, most women are cleared to return to normal activity. Nine months of creating life and readjusting organs, cannot be solved effectively in one 30 minute appointment after six weeks. Women deserve better tools and guidance. Too often, she has seen new mamas returning to their pre-pregnancy workouts and unfortunately sustaining serious injury as they have not allowed their bodies to heal appropriately. From diastasis recti to leakage, there are significant body changes that first need to be addressed before embarking on a weight loss program.

Employing the The Snapback methodology during and after the postpartum period will change the trajectory of how women view “fitness” during pregnancy. Her hope is to make simple, preventative and efficient Snapback techniques to revolutionize the way women recover. Society thrives when women thrive. She wants women to do more than Snapback. She wants them to become a stronger, more resilient version of themselves.

When she’s not playing mama to a 12 month baby boy, Arjun and three-year-old daughter, Karishma, you can find her pumping iron, trying to squeeze in a run or enjoying some good ole’ tex mex, who can say no to chips and salsa? With a baby in one arm and a laptop in the other, she is on a mission to help mamas recover the right way!

Guest: Dr. Pinkey Patel
CEO/Founder, The SnapBack
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