Understand Big Data & AI with Data Scientist, Dr. Dalton Fabian

In this episode, our guest is Dalton Fabian, PharmD, RPh who is a pharmacist with a passion for technology and data science.

Some of the topics covered include:
Some topics to cover – feel free to pick whichever are personally interesting to you, let me know if you want any more detail on any of these if it helps you plan the episode or build up questions beforehand:
– Future of AI – how it will be complementary rather than replace clinicians – it will automate routine parts of clinician’s jobs to allow for more/different patient care services
– Data science will likely be the next informatics in the pharmacy world
– Networking to find your next job opportunity (especially non-traditional pharmacy jobs)
– Operational data science (automating administrative parts of clinicians jobs with AI as the background – ex. Identifying which patients are most likely to go to the hospital in the next year and serving clinicians patients at risk in a good looking, easy to use tool) making a significant impact in healthcare
– How to get into data science as a pharmacist

Guest: Dalton Fabian, PharmD, RPh

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA
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