UpSolutions for Independent Pharmacy with Patti Mara

In this episode, our guest is Patti Mara, a renowned expert in independent pharmacy growth and business coaching. With over 20

years of experience, Patti has dedicated her career to helping owners and teams achieve remarkable

results by uncovering the “shifting point” that propels them to new levels of success. Her passion lies in

transforming the way businesses operate. Leading to enhanced customer experiences, substantial

growth, improved customer retention, and increased profitability.

As the founder of, Patti utilizes her unique insights and expertise to provide

coaching and guidance to pharmacy professionals, empowering them to optimize their operations and

reach their full potential. Through her coaching programs and business strategies, Patti helps owners

and teams thrive in a competitive market, delivering exceptional value to their customers and driving

sustainable growth.

Patti is an accomplished author, having written the influential book “UpSolutions – Turning Your Team

into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans”. This comprehensive guide offers practical solutions and

proven techniques to transform teams into high-performing heroes, while cultivating a loyal customer

base of raving fans.

Additionally, Patti is the visionary behind The UpSolutions Team Success Training and The Business

Accelerator Framework, powerful resources designed to equip businesses with the tools and knowledge

they need to achieve rapid growth and long-term success.

Interview topics 

• The opportunity in change – using crisis to reinvent your pharmacy and emerge as a market leader.
• Reinventing During Disruptive Times – Creating UpSolutions to evolving patient needs.

• Setting you team up to win – The Four Pillars of Team Engagement

• Your customers are always talking to you, are you listening? How to turn your customers into your own Business Growth Catalyst.

Guest – Patti Mara 

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, MBA  

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