USP800/797/795 Ready with Compounding Expert, Seth DePasquale

In this episode, Seth DePasquale talks about how he helps compounding pharmacies with compliance and quality issues through and Seth co-owns and operates BET Pharm, a compounding pharmacy specializing in long-acting injectable hormone formulations for equine reproduction. He is the pharmacist-in-charge and operator of BET’s sterile compounding facility located in Lexington, Kentucky. Seth provides a remarkable perspective and grasp of the processes, procedures and operational aspects of aseptic processing of high risk hazardous sterile injectable drugs. In 2018, Seth launched to build a video based education platform for learning about all aspects of sterile compounding. Seth offers consulting for compounding, in addition to his online video trainings, etc.
We’ll cover USP 800/797/795:
– Compounding
– Hazardous disposal
– Who does this impact?

Guest – Seth DePasquale, PharmD
Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD
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