What’s Next in Pharmacy Education with AACP’s Lucinda Maine

In this episode, you’ll hear from Lucinda Maine, who’s been well recognized as a pharmacy leader for a number of years. Lucinda is the Executive VP and CEO of AACP or American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. She was most recently awarded APhA’s Gloria Niemeyer Francke Leadership Mentor Award.
Lucinda shares what’s new from AACP which will be a media campaign for women over the age of 35, who end up making most of the healthcare decisions for their family, to educate them about all of the opportunities to receive care from a pharmacist. I’m happy to say that I helped her achieve one of her goals for a successful meetings which is to meet someone new and to build a deeper relationship with an existing colleague. I thought this was a great tip and hope to borrow that rubric for success for any future meetings that I attend.

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Connect with her at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucinda-maine-37a2306/