Women in Pharmacy Panel part 1 with Drs. Brooke Gross, Danielle Falconer, Cailin Harris, & Hillary Blackburn

In this episode, we’re broadcasting live from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy’s first Women in Pharmacy panel. The APhA-ASP Women’s Health Committee hosted four women pharmacists in Nashville: Dr. Brooke Gross, Dr. Cailin Harris, Dr. Hillary Blackburn, and Dr. Danielle Falconer to share. This is part 1 of the discussion where we’ll cover:
● What is your current role / title? What have some of your former roles / titles been?
● How did you get to where you are today?
● Have you faced challenges that you feel were due to your gender or sex? If so, would you elaborate? How did those challenges affect you?

Host – Hillary Blackburn, PharmD
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